Covid-19 Update

In light of the announcement, ALL events in Dun Laoghaire Presbyterian Church are suspended until further notice. This extends to the use of halls and grounds. Further updates will be put on this page in due course.

Resources for Personal and Family worship

There are a number of resources to help you and your family worship the Lord this Sunday morning available on the congregation's Facebook page.

Bible teaching: A number of sermons are available for download in the resource section of the website. Why not choose the series on 1 John, the first is entitled 'Knowing God' Knowing God (30.6Mb)

Care and Prayer: Please make sure to keep an eye on those around you (e.g. neighbours and senior members of the church family and community) who could do with a phone call or a chat. Ask if there is anything they need, and if you might be in a position to get it for them, then do it.

A prayer to our Heavenly Father (taken from the PCI website):
"Heavenly Father, we come to you right now amongst a cloud of uncertainty, Covid-19 has spread amongst your people.

- We pray for those who are currently afflicted by this virus, we ask for the miraculous,
May lungs be restored to full health, headaches dissolved, body aches disbanded.

- We pray for anyone battling symptoms, may God bring restoration and health,
For those who are battling far worse: cancers, tumours, strokes, may you lay your healing hand upon them Jesus.

- When we cry out to you for help, may your response be "I am willing" (Matthew 8:3).

- We lift up to you medical professionals across our nation and around the world,
May you bless their gifted hands. AMEN"